Endophyte Diversity Workshop with Tucson High - 2013

In spring 2013 the University of Arizona portion of the DOB team hosted 70 high school students for a workshop on fungal biodiversity at the University of Arizona. Students participated in rotations through stations focused on fungal diversity and systematics, applications of fungi, and molecular biology of fungi. In the last of these stations the students vouchered plant-associated fungi, extracted DNA, and prepared for PCR (which they conducted in the biotechnology labs at Tucson High Magnet School). Our outstanding 'citizen scientists' contributed directly to a new perspective on fungal biodiversity through their weeks-long involvement in our research program. Special thanks to Margaret Wilch at THMS for the fantastic opportunity to work with this diverse and engaging group of students!

Students in the lab, UA Workshop 

Students in the lab, UA Workshop     Herbarium specimens depicting fungal diversity

Vouchering fungi at UA Workshop