David Baltrus

Assistant Professor, School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in how bacteria adapt to new environments and novel hosts. My research group is focused on identifying genes that enable new interactions and investigating how these genes evolve across bacterial species. I completed my B.A. at the University of Delaware in 2001 my PhD at the University of Oregon in 2006. After completing an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill, I joined the faculty in the School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona in 2011. My lab is interested in understanding microbial interactions at all levels, from phage to host plants, within a comparative genomics framework, and we will work with the DoB team to explore the biology of endohyphal bacteria. More information about my work can be found at: http://www.cals.arizona.edu/research/baltruslab/Baltrus_lab/Home.html